40 Book Challenge

NBES 40 Book Challenge 2019-2020

NBES will not be continuing the Accelerated Reader Program.   However, it is our #1 desire to encourage a love of reading and to create lifelong readers! Research indicates that when students read for enjoyment, without any expectations, and can choose the books that interest them, the love of reading is encouraged and will grow! 


What is the 40 Book Challenge?

Requirements: *Please choose books that are appropriate for the students' reading level. 

**The 40 book challenge is based on the books students read independently.**


Reading Log (Parent initials required)


Parents (or students in grades 2-3) will fill in the log accordingly.  


Written log: students write down the title of books they have read.


Students do NOT have to stop reading once they read 40 books! Additional reading logs can be requested from Mrs. Wingo, when a log has completely filled out and turned in.  The more books you read, the better!! We are working towards a school goal of 5000 books for the 2019-2020 school year.
**Chapter Books-Every 100 pages will count as 1 book**



After students have read TEN books, they will bring & show me their reading logs (must be initialed by a parent/guardian) to get their DAIRY QUEEN book challenge card and item from the treasure box. 

Students will receive a DAIRY QUEEN Book Challenge Card with the following prizes:

**Duplicate cards will not be given so students must keep up with it after earning each reward OR return to me and I will hold it until they earn the next reward listed on the card.**

10 books read= free small cone

20 Books read= free dilly bar

30 Books read= free small sundae

40 Books read= free small blizzard


After showing me their reading logs(after every 10 books are read), students will get to enter their name in a READING RAFFLE. I will draw 5 names each 9 weeks to receive a special prize! 


School Challenge

In addition to individual goals, the school will have an overall yearly goal.  If the students read 5000 books by May 1st, Mrs. Wingo & Mr. Fuller will have a BIG surprise for the school on field day. 


Reward Party:
Students who complete the NBES 40 book challenge will be rewarded with a glow party here at school!!
The deadline is May 1st!


Honors Day Recognition:

  • Students who successfully fill up their reading logs from August 12-May 1 will receive a reading certificate on Honors Day.

  • Students who have read THE MOST books (per grade) will receive a trophy on Honors day for being the top reader of their grade.

  • The TOP SCHOOL-WIDE Reader will be determined by the student who has read the most books in the school from August 12-May 1, & will receive a plaque.