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The Student Council recently attended the Special Olympics to cheer on our incredible athletes!

The following news article was published in the Colbert County Reporter:

One Incredible Day

Written by: Jaidyn Quillen (Freshman at Colbert County High School)

The annual Special Olympics event was held this year on November 17th at the James F. Moore Stadium at Muscle Shoals High School.   This event allows for special needs students from all around to come and compete in various athletic events. Some competitions include the 100-yard dash, softball toss and the standing long jump. 

This year, Colbert County High School had five fantastic students compete in the Special Olympics.  The students had a blast attending and competing in the Special Olympics.  The incredible day started out at Colbert County High School, where a mini pep rally was held in the hallways for the Olympians.  The pep rally consisted of a parade led by CCHS Cheerleaders, the drumline and of course, the awesome athletes. Students lined the halls with signs and banners to cheer on these incredible students.  The Olympians were then escorted to the buses which took them to the competition.  Once they arrived, it was time to “Let the games begin!” Many students, including the CCHS Student Council, cheerleaders and mascot attended the competition to show their support.

According to many of the athletes, their favorite part was competing and winning, and Colbert County High School certainly had some winners.  The student athletes placed in the following categories:

Jada Garner – 2nd Place 100-yard Dash, 2nd Place Softball Throw

Tamara Thompson – 1st Place Softball Throw, 2nd Place 100-yard Dash

China Smith –1st Place Standing Long Jump, 2nd Place 100-yard Dash

Gage Williams – 2nd Place Softball Throw, 2nd Place Standing Long Jump

Bre Granville – 1st Place Softball Throw, 2nd Place Standing Long Jump

Jose Martinez – unable to compete due to sickness

“My favorite part about the Special Olympics was winning first and second place.  It was so much fun.” Said China Smith with a beaming smile on her face.  When mentioning the Special Olympics to Jada Garner, her face lit up and she laughed as she said, “I liked it. My favorite part was winning.”  Teresa Chaney, teacher at Colbert County High School, very much enjoyed watching the students compete at the competition.  “The Special Olympics is something the kids look forward to all year.  It is really important to them” says Chaney.   This definitely was a day filled with happiness that will never be forgotten by everyone involved.

Special Olympics


Special Olympics