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Colbert County High School Bands

Band Logo
Last Updated: 9/27/2019 7:51 PM


The Pride of the Tribe Marching Band is proud to present the 2019 halftime show entitled "Who Runs the World?". This show is based around female pop-stars who have changed the entertainment world. Selections include Single Ladies by Beyoncé, Part of Me by Katy Perry, and All Night by Icona Pop. 

Colbert County High School Bands Staff

Logan Pouncey, Director of Bands
Trista Qualls, Auxiliary Coordinator 
Jory Ratliff, Auxiliary Instructor
Jake Smith, Percussion Instructor
Chloe Franks, Instructional Staff
Jaimy Murff, Instructional Staff
Eoin Broadfoot, Instructional Staff