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Cherokee High School 2019-2020 Handbook





Dear Parents and Students:


The faculty and staff of Cherokee High School would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year.  We are excited about the opportunity to educate your children and provide them with the opportunity to learn and become productive, responsible citizens in our society.  We want our students to treat school as if it is their job.  In order to be successful at a job, one must be in attendance, must be punctual and must complete assigned tasks.  If your child is having trouble with any of these areas, please email the teacher or schedule a conference through the office.  We must work together for our children to be prepared for life after high school. 


Again, welcome and thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of Cherokee High School.






Pam Worsham                                     






Cherokee High School exists to provide a safe learning environment with educational opportunities that will empower students to become conscientious, confident, and productive citizens with respect for diversity.


Cherokee High School will provide high quality education in a productive learning environment where students strive to advance in the learning process with shared involvement between parents, students, and stakeholders.


Core Beliefs

  • All students will be provided a safe learning environment.
  • Stakeholders share responsibility for empowering students to become life-long learners and productive individuals in a global world.
  • All students will be provided a curriculum for academic and social advancement with respect for individual differences.
  • A challenging curriculum with highly qualified teachers will be provided.





Doors will be unlocked at 7:15 for student arrival.  Upon arrival, students may go to the locker, but then must report to the cafeteria for breakfast or to the auditorium.  Students must be in their 1st block class by 7:50 or they have to check in at the front office.  The dismissal bell will ring at 3:00.  Students that are riding a bus home should report to the loading area immediately.



Students need to be at school.  In order to help the students achieve success and become productive citizens with a strong work ethic the following policies are in effect beginning in August, 2016:

In order to decrease the number of students with chronic absenteeism, students must maintain a 90% attendance rate in order to participate in any honors, fieldtrips or special activities at CHS unless approved by the administration.  This includes, but is not limited to, academic competitions, athletic events, prom, homecoming activities, elected offices and courts. 


Seniors that have do not have a 90% attendance rate in the current school year will not be allowed to participate in the formal graduation exercise.  Seat time may be made up if a student exceeds the 10% limit of absences with approval of administration.

**Other Attendance Policies that have previously been adopted by the Colbert County School Board will be strictly enforced.



Students are expected to be in the classroom before the tardy bell rings.  We will strictly enforce the policy adopted by the Colbert County Board of Education. 



Students are expected to have exemplary behavior at CHS and at all school-sponsored events.  Students that receive an out of school suspension, expulsion or alternative placement during the school year will not be allowed to attend any fieldtrips for the current school year and will not be eligible for a leadership position in any club or class during the current school year.



Students should come to school prepared to complete assignments and participate in class.  Our goal at CHS is to prepare students to be College and Career ready upon graduation and this preparation begins in 7th grade.  Students that miss assignments will have 1 week to make up the work.  After that week, students will receive a grade of “0” for the assignment, unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher.  Parents will be notified by text or email when students are missing assignments.  Students that habitually turn work in late or do not complete assignments will meet with the RTI leadership team to complete a Plan of Improvement.  The administration may deny permission to students that are missing assignments to attend fieldtrips, club meetings or other extra school activities.



In order to have an excused check-in, students should be accompanied by the parent or should have a parent note stating the reason for the check-in.  Students may be checked out by a parent or other authorized person at the main office.  Written requests for students to check out early must be placed in the check-out box before the 2nd period tardy bell.  The note should state the reason for checking out, include parent signature and include the telephone number where parents can be reached for verifying the request.  Parents must be available for contact as all notes will be verified with parents before a student is allowed to check out.  Any exceptions to this guideline must be approved by the principal.





Each student will be required to purchase a numbered parking decal at $15.00 per academic year.  The student must present a valid Alabama drivers license, proof of automobile insurance and must obey all parking rules and regulations.  A student who acquires his/her license during the school year must follow this procedure in order to drive on campus.  No student shall be allowed to drive on campus until they are in grade nine or above.  Students must park in designated student parking.  Students are to exercise extreme caution when entering and leaving school grounds.  They will be warned once about dangerous driving and parents will be notified for any following instances.  Driving privileges may be revoked if deemed necessary by administration.



All students will be assigned lockers and required to pay the locker upkeep fee of $15.00.  Students will be responsible for keeping combinations assigned to their lockers and keeping their lockers locked at all times. Reissuing the combination will result in a $1.00 fee.  Sharing lockers is not allowed.   Students will be required to keep backpacks in their locker, they will not be allowed in the classrooms.



Students should be in good standing to be eligible for participation in clubs or organizations, as well as for any honor, award, or class office. There will be no refunds for field trips or other activities without prior approval, due to the group projected cost.  Each grade level will have a class fee that will be used for homecoming flowers, decorations, etc.  The 7th and 8th Grade fee is $10 and 9th-11th is $15.  This fee is due on or before September 10 to the students’ homeroom teacher.  



Students will be allowed to use their electronic device during breakfast, lunch, and with permission from their teachers in class for educational purposes.  The CCS board policy will take effect if a student violates the policy when using the device without permission.



All students are encouraged to join clubs of their choice.  Check with club sponsors for membership and club officer requirements.  Clubs will meet periodically and students are responsible for membership fees ($20) during the membership drive that will take place during the first two weeks of school.



Each grade shall elect the following officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Class Officers are to be elected on the basis of the following qualifications:

  • Must have been a member of the CHS Class who will be electing the officers for the previous year in which the election is being held for those running for 8th-12th grade officers.  (Ex:  One must have been a member of the 10th grade class the previous year to run for 11th grade officers).
  • Must have at least a C average in each subject taken in the previous year.
  • Must have a 90% school attendance average for the previous year and the current year. 
  • Should show a good quality of leadership, exhibit high moral standards and exemplary behavior.
  • Must not have been out of school suspended during the previous year. (CLASS & in-school suspension do not count)
  • Must have all fees paid for current and past years.







The requirements and procedures for selection of the homecoming attendants and escorts:


Homecoming Queen and Senior Attendants:  Three weeks prior to homecoming, the faculty will nominate 12th grade girls for homecoming queen. The top six girls will be placed on a ballot to be voted on by the senior class.  The three students with the highest number of votes will be announced as the senior attendants two weeks prior to homecoming.  The student with the most votes will be announced as the Homecoming Queen at half time of the Homecoming Game.  The Queen and Senior Attendants must:

  • Have a “C” average.
  • Have a 90% or above attendance average for the previous and current school year.
  • Have attended CHS in grades 11 and 12.
  • Have no record of being suspended, alternative school or expulsion during grades 10-12.
  • Have no record of C.L.A.S.S. or in-school suspension for the current school year.
  • Escorts must be a relative or a student at Cherokee High School.


Homecoming Attendants for 7th-11th: Election for underclassman attendants will be made in homeroom two weeks prior to homecoming week.   The classes will vote for two attendants in homeroom by secret ballot.  The two girls receiving the highest number of votes will serve as attendants.  The attendants will be announced at the same time as the Senior attendants. 

Homecoming Attendants must:

  • Have a ‘C’ average.
  • Have attended CHS the previous school year (this requirement is waived for 7th graders).
  • Have a 90% or above attendance average for the previous school year and the current school year.
  • Escorts must be a relative or a student at Cherokee High School.
  • Have no record of CLASS, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, expulsion or alternative school for the previous or current school year.



The Coronation ceremony will take place on the last Thursday of January.  If there is a conflict, the senior sponsors and administration will choose another date as near the original date as possible. 


Nominees for Coronation will be chosen according to the following procedure:


  • To be eligible for coronation court or Mr. and Miss CHS students must have attended CHS in grades 11 and 12, have an overall “C” average, have a 90% or above attendance average for the previous and current school year and have no record of suspension, expulsion or alternative school in grades 10, 11 and 12.
  • Each member of the senior class will nominate ten girls and ten boys on a secret ballot.  Ballots, which have fewer than ten nominations of girls and/or boys, will not be counted.
  • The senior sponsors will tally the ballots and prepare a ballot listing the ten boys and the ten girls receiving the most nominations.
  • The ballot listing the nominees of the senior class will be submitted to the faculty with each faculty member asked to choose six girls and six boys.
  • The faculty’s ballots will be tallied; the six boys and the six girls receiving the most faculty votes will become the Coronation court.
  • The nominees will be announced at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.
  • The entire student body will vote by secret ballot the week of Coronation.
  • A committee composed of one senior sponsor, one administrator, and one non-senior sponsor will tally the votes.  The girl and boy receiving the highest number of votes will be crowned at Coronation as Mr. and Miss CHS, and the girl and boy receiving the second highest number of votes will be recognized as the runners-up.
  • Two girls and two boys will be selected by the senior sponsors to serve as attendants.  Students will also be named by the senior sponsors to serve as master of ceremonies, reception hostess, serving committee, house committee, entertainment, and spotlight operator.