Collaborative Education at its B.E.S.T!
Written by: Charnell L Reynolds, senior at Colbert County High School

Robotics Team Public Relations and Video Director


How does the Ocean Goddess Amphitrite, a submarine booth, and S.E.A ‘bot all relate to robotics? If you weren’t in Mrs. Juanica Baugh’s Robotics class, you would be asking these sorts of questions and all the members of “Beast Bots” (CCHS Robotics name) would be able to answer you. This was the second year the Colbert County Robotics Team, Beast Bots, competed in the Northwest Shoals B.E.S.T Robotics competition. B.E.S.T stands for Boosting Engineering Science and Technology. Their competition is meant to give students a unique experience while increasing their understanding of science, engineering, technology and why it’s so important in our world today. This year’s theme was Ocean Pollution. All the schools competing had six weeks to create a robot that would be capable of balancing on a beam while “saving” the animals from items that polluted their environment such as cans, and water bottles.


The B.E.S.T. Competition wanted to raise awareness of the horrible conditions our ocean life lives in, and Mrs. Baugh and her class felt the same. They participated in the Annual Tennessee Valley Clean-Up Tournament on September 15th and even went to the Florence Mall, where they gathered support for “The Solution, Stop Pollution”- which is also the name of their awareness video on YouTube. Then, on October 4th, their marketing team traveled to Northwest Shoals Community College to emulate selling their robot, S.E.A Bot (Saving Endangered Animals), as the answer to ocean pollution. Things were going great but they didn’t stop there. October 6th, the day of the competition, Mrs. Baugh and Beast Bots brought their beautiful Ocean Goddess, Amphitrite, to excite the crowd and speak out against pollution. The excitement wasn’t only on the inside as numerous people lined up outside to get a chance to view the CCSS Amphitrite, the name of the submarine like booth they built. At the end of the competition, it was evident that all of their hard work paid off when they won 7 awards. They received first place for: Best Teamwork, Team Exhibit Design and Construction, Best Creative Video, Best Mascot/Costume, and Blood, Sweat and Gears. They got second place in Team Exhibit and Interview and third place in Website Design. Though they did good for their second year, the Beast Bots are eager and ready for next B.E.S.T competition!






Charnell Reynolds, dressed as the first place winning mascot, the Ocean Goddess, Amphitrite.


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