Rock and Roll! That’s exactly what happened at Colbert County High School “CCHS” on Wednesday April 18, with another amazing concert from the Velcro Pygmies for the students of the Colbert County School System. It all started last year with a dream to raise money in a cool way for Future Business Leaders of America “FBLA”, a career tech student organization. Colbert County students decided to be different from most schools and not to sell donuts and candy that only their parents friends would buy like usual but, instead they decided to have a full out rock concert! One would say that will never happen, a rock concert at a high school? Impossible! Well there are multiple reasons for why and how this happened. Most people don’t know how much time and effort go into making a concert. But, one of the main reasons is the great learning experience the marketing students would receive. This was not just some word problem in the classroom. It was real world experience!

It takes about 9 weeks of work to accomplish a task such as this and better yet it’s something each student that was involved in will be able to remember for the rest of their lives. From the Marketing team to the helpers that volunteered their time to set up and to the students who just wanted to rock, it was a great benefit to all and a great deal of work. With the help of students, the stage took about 45 minutes to set up, and then another 5-6 hours in addition to set up equipment and run sound check.

However, I think everyone would agree, all the hard work was worth it. The concert was truly an experience that students could claim as their own accomplishment, and in the end learn and gain the knowledge and communication skills each one can take on with them for the rest of their lives.

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