Written by: Cannon Joly

The National School Breakfast Week turned out to be a blast at Colbert County High School. Every year since 1989, schools across the nation celebrate the most important meal of the day, breakfast. This celebration involves various events and games, in hope to show kids that breakfast is very important to their health and learning throughout their day. The lunchroom staff at Colbert County High School never fail to provide the best meals daily, so this week they had very special treats for the students of Colbert County High School. From Smoothies to omelets, every breakfast was absolutely wonderful! There is no doubt that the students at CCHS looked forward to breakfast at school.

On Wednesday March 21st, the CCHS lunchroom staff had something very special planned for their students.  Along with the amazing food, they decided to have a pancake eating contest! Students were undoubtedly excited about this event. What student would not want to see students and teachers compete in an event such as this? The rules were simple; the participants had to devour as many pancakes as possible within three minutes. The participant that had eaten the most pancakes would be named the breakfast champion. The contestants were Bridget Bond who nicknamed herself the “Chomp Champ”, Vickie Gasque, who may or may not be a “Three-time bacon eating Champ”, Coach Courtney Harden, nicknamed “Joe the policeman” by Lee Craft, the school’s assistant principal and lastly, Jaylen Merritt, a freshman at Colbert County High School. Obviously the students were rooting for Jaylen, who ate six pancakes, which is quite impressive.  However, the ultimate winner was football coach, Brett Mask. Mask was given the nickname “The Maskquatch” because his height and body build resembles that of Sasquatch. Mask was crowned champion after eating a total of 26 pancakes! This event brought a lot of excitement to the school for students as they celebrated National School Breakfast Week at Colbert County High School.


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