Covid19 Virus and Colbert County Schools FAQ

True/False Questions Regarding Covid-19 and Colbert County Schools

Questions: Students within the Colbert County Schools only

1. Student must be fever -free ( symptom free) for 72 hours...True

2. School personnel will limit visitors to campuses....True

3. There are certified nurses on every campus equipped with fully stocked medical room....True

4. Student athletes may participate in sports regardless if they go remote learning or traditional learning....True

5. Refreshments/goodies brought from home will not be allowed....True(example: cupcakes)

6. Remote learning will be totally online(no teacher interaction). ...False Highly qualified teachers will be delivering both formats.

7. Once my family make a decision, remote or traditional, our child(ren) are stuck with that decision until May 2021. ...False

8. Bus drivers, CNP workers, custodians, teachers, secretaries and nurses, will play a pivotal part in what we’re going to do. ....True

9. My child will be required to where a mask ALL DAY LONG....False

10. Students will have an assigned seat while riding the bus. ....True

11. School buses will be disinfected once a day. .....False They will be disinfected prior to the start of each route, between runs, and following all school bus rides.

12. Whether a student has chosen remote learning or traditional learning, meals will be provided....True

13. All students will receive a free breakfast everyday of school....True

14. Will arrival and dismissal times be different this fall. ...True

15. Emotional, physical and psychological support will be available...True

16. got this!!!! True

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