Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts

October 19, 2018

*  Healthcare Watch:

  • Use products safely
    • Do not mix cleaners and disinfectants unless the labels indicate it is safe to do so.
  • Trust our healthcare team….

*  School Bus Safety

  • National School Bus Safety Week
    • October 22-26,2018
  • Eating and drinking (this includes chewing gum) is not allowed on school buses at any time.
  • This rule protects students or drivers that have food allergies and anaphylaxis, prevents choking, and maintains bus cleanliness.

*  C/T Forecast:

  • Congrats to CHHS FBLA for their 1st PLACE FAIR BOOTH! #FAIRCHAMPS
  • CHS FBLA @ Alzheimer's Walk making a difference in our community #GAMECHANGERS
  • National Leadership Convention for CHS & CHHS FFA in Indianapolis-Oct 24-27 #JUSTONE
  • Alabama JLDC Joint Leadership Development Conference December 3-4 #LEAD
  • Beef It Up! with the Colbert County Cattleman's Association- October 19th at CCHS #AGRICULTUREISKEY

*  Faculty/Staff Shout Outs:

  • Drivers Education Cars
    • All three high school received a new Ford Focus cars.
    • Safer, no miles and current technology
  • Colbert Heights High School
    • Advanced Art Students
      • Students display their interpretations of the famous epic poemThe Odyssey by Homer
      • Exhibition will be up at CHHS library Oct 15- Nov. 9
      • Miss McKinney will have more details
  • Colbert Heights Elementary School
    • Egg Drop was so exciting!!
    • The best part was the students taking ownership of the success or failure
  • Colbert County High School
    • NWSCC Upward Bound Math & Science
      • Tutoring, Thursdays 3-5
    • Student with 2.5 GPA should apply
    • The students get paid per hour to attend J

*  Family engagement/Communication

  •  Meeting children’s needs includes quality, interactive partnership with families
  • Never give the families the option that you did not make contact..
  • Keep the conversations active!!!

*  ESL Edge

o  ESL students are involved in Project-Based Learning!

o  In November, they will learn about Guatemala.

o  Each week will focus on one area of English:

§  Listening

§  Speaking

§  Reading

§  Writing

*  Colbert County Reporter

  • Please, please, please check out your local hometown paper…..
  • May I encourage you to renew your subscription because students from our district will be writing and editing for each distribution
  • Another great partnership!!

*  Fine Arts:

  • Cherokee High School
    • No Competition this weekend
  • Colbert Heights High School
    • Scottsboro, October 20th
  • Colbert County High School
    • Scottsboro, October 20th
  • Annie
    • Colbert Highest High School
      • November 1-3 (public)
      • November 5-7 will be for school groups
        • If you would like to take your class, this event will not count toward you trip field trips
          • One Team…One Team…Our Legacy…
          • #teamcolbertcounty

*   Attendance:

o  Everyone present….. everyone learns!!!

  • Classroom Distractions:
    • Are a hindrance to learning
    • Let’s keep the distractions to a minimum please

*  Robotics – Northwest Shoals Community College

  • CCHS
    • The students did a great job presenting
    • Thank you my Mrs. Baugh
  • CHS
    • Awesome jobs to the students and Sara Armstrong

o   Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASA)

§  Shoals Campus

§  Thursday, October 25

o   3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

§  Monday, November 5

o   3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

§  Please contact Miss Cagle if you have an endangered youth

*   School Board Members:

o   Whole Board Training

  • November 15th ; Lauderdale County Board of Education Annex
  • Completion of your profile survey is requested by November 6th

*  Next Level Notes:

  • National Board Certification
    • Students learn more. A decade of research shows that students of Board-certified teachers learn more than their peers without Board-certified teachers. Studies have also found that the positive impact of having a Board-certified teacher is even greater for minority and low-income students.
  • UNA – Roar Lions
    •  10th graders will tour UNA on Monday
    • Have fun and Roar Lions!!

*  Educational Foundation

  • 2018 Classroom Grants $28,453.67
    • Joshua Balta
    • Jennifer Jones
    • Heather Pendley
    • Nikki Rickard
    • Kasey Williams
    • Courtney Snipes
    • Janna Edgin
    • Sara Armstrong
    • Kayla McKinney
    • Sydney Pearson
    • Natalie Abrams
    • Gina Carr
    • Brittne Beasley
    • Ashley Jackson
    • Jessica Byrd
    • Jessica Gipson
  • Fall 2018 Payroll Deduction Fundraiser
    • For every person who donates to the education foundation through payroll deduction, before December 1st, 2018, will be entered into a random drawing for a one-time $500.00 Classroom Grant.
    • Loving reminder: the payroll deductions go directly back into our schools through the classroom grants.

*   Testing/Assessment:

  • Teacher Grade Books Board Policy 5.51
    • Grade book(s) shall be kept current (within five (5) days of giving an assignment)
    • And in the teacher’s possession and readily available.

*  Love Notes:

  • Happy Birthday to all the October birthday babies!!
  • Unspoken prayer request
    • Students, staff and administrators
  • “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein


*    Date

*    Event

*    Notes

October 19

Fall Fun Day


October 19

Beef It Up! with the Colbert County Cattleman's Association


October 22-26

College and Career Week

Great opportunities for our students

October 22-26

Red Ribbon Week

Dress up!! J

October 24

Wear College Gear

Take time to share your story with students

October 24-27

National Leadership Convention


October 25-26

WOW Event

8th, 11th,  and 12th

October 26

Fall Fun Day


October 29

College Applications

Events at High Schools

October 30

PTO sponsored Fall Festival


November 1-3

Play: Annie

Colbert Heights High School

November 12

Veteran’s Day Observed

No School

November 15

School Board Meeting

Colbert Heights Elementary School

November 19-23

Thanksgiving Week

No School, No students, No Staff J

December 3-4

Alabama JLDC Joint Development Conference


December 20

School Board Meeting

Central Office 5:00 p.m.

December 21

School Dismisses

Christmas Break

11:30 a.m.

January 17

School Board Meeting

New Bethel Elementary School




February 21

School Board Meeting

Leighton Elementary School

March 21

School Board Meeting

Hatton Elementary School

April 18

School Board Meeting

Central Office

May 16

School Board Meeting

Colbert Heights High School

May 23


Colbert County High School

May 24


Cherokee/Colbert Heights High School

June 20

School Board Meeting

Central Office