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School Supplies Information for 2020-2021 School Year School Supplies Picture

Important information for parents to know about school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Road Map to Starting School Dr. Satchel's Road Map to Starting Schools
Eat Better Move More Lessons from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System Eat Better Move More

These are Eat Better Move More lessons provided by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. They are intended for students in grades 4th-6th. 

ECHA County Food Guide Project ECHA
Summer Reading Bingo 2020 Summer Reading 2020

Happy Summer Reading! Click here for a fun summer activity that you and your child can do this summer.

2020 Community Development Grants Awarded

✏️Community Development Committee Grants✏️ $5,100-Colbert County School System for LEAP special needs students $6,000-Football uniforms for Colbert Heights High $3000-Hatton Elementary School for library tables and chairs for STEAM activities $1000-Colbert Heights Elementary School Pre-K for two hatch tablets $543-Hatton Elementary School for 8 world globes $404-Hatton Elementary School for 20 sets of Oxford Poly eight-pocket folders for 4th grade students $311- Hatton Elementary for 4 adjustable chairs to go with high table $700- Hatton Elementary research database $1,200- Colbert Heights High School for a curtain track for auditorium for theatrical productions $1,159-Colbert Heights High School for 35 heavy duty steel stools for visual arts $1,500- Leighton Elementary School for circulation of STEM books in library $3,090-Colbert Heights High School for tables for STEAM lab $1,800-Colbert County School system for 2 new thermometers $2,350-Colbert County School System for new curriculum for K-6 after school program and 2021 summer program $970- Colbert Heights Elementary School for tables and chairs for 2nd grade classroom $850- Colbert County Schools to mark, tape, and paint Leighton Elementary gymgrants

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