Name & Position Contact Info
Dr. Gale  D. Satchel
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1211
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Michelle  Ragan
Administrative Assistant
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1212
Email Michelle Ragan
Kim  Colbert
Administrative Assistant
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1215
Email Kim Colbert
Wade  Turberville
Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning / Special Education Director
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1245
Email Wade Turberville
James  Brumley, CSFO
Deputy Superintendent of Operations and Financial Services
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1230
Email James Brumley, CSFO
Marilyn  Caldwell
CNP Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1227
Email Marilyn Caldwell
Emiley  Crisler
Transition Coordinator
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1229
Email Emiley Crisler
Brooke  Cunningham
Federal Programs Secretary/Bookkeeper
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1233
Email Brooke Cunningham
Matt  Dalrymple
Grant Writer
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1235
Email Matt Dalrymple
Angie   Datuin
CNP Director
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1228
Email Angie Datuin
Lisa  Davis
Speech Therapist
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1242
Email Lisa Davis
Louis  Delbert
Technology Coordinator
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1205
Email Louis Delbert
Destin  Gargis
Inclusion Facilitator/Homebound Teacher
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1237
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Jakora  Hamilton
Speech Therapist
(256) 386-8565
Email Jakora Hamilton
Ashley  Harris
EL Instructor
(256) 392-7421
Email Ashley Harris
Karon  Hayes
Parental Involvement Specialist
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1247
Email Karon Hayes
Mrs. Emily  Lanier, RN, BSN
Lead School Nurse
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1217
Email Mrs. Lanier, RN, BSN
Patricia  McConnico
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1210
Email Patricia McConnico
Nancy  O`Connor
Payroll Officer
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1214
Email Nancy O`Connor
Matthew  Osborn
Career Tech Director
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1204
Email Matthew Osborn
Amanda  Parker
PACE Teacher
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1238
Email Amanda Parker
Nick  Pearson
Computer Technician
(256) 386-8565
Email Nick Pearson
Angela  Puckett
Accounts Payable
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1221
Email Angela Puckett
Michele   Reaves
PACE Teacher
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1220
Email Michele Reaves
Mike  Ricketts
Computer Technician
(256) 386-8565
Email Mike Ricketts
Sandy  Thompson
Instructional Curriculum Coordinator
(256) 386-8565
Email Sandy Thompson
Anna  Underwood
Occupational Therapist
(256) 386-8565  Ext:1232
Email Anna Underwood
Stacey  Wiginton
Speech Therapist
(256) 385-8565  Ext:1224
Email Stacey Wiginton
It is the official policy of the Colbert County School District that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national
origin or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or employment.